Reviews are the online face of your restaurant; they are the personal testimonies of your customers and can be the difference between a successful business and a struggling one. Get a good review and you can expect to receive an upturn in click-through rates and online orders placed; let your service slip and get a bad one and you can watch both rates dwindle.

The power of customer reviews cannot be underestimated. Studies have found that as many as 79 per cent of consumers consider online reviews and testimonies to be as important as recommendations by friends when making a choice.

At ChefOnline, we recognise this importance and have created a system allowing customers to leave a review of the food and service they have received at your establishment. Let us run you through the process.

ChefOnline Review Rating System

First, customers place an order at your restaurant using either our free iPhone or Android device mobile App; they will then receive an email prompting them to leave a review. Following this, the review is passed to you for approval. ChefOnline’s review service operates a selective review system, which means all reviews must be approved and verified by the business owner before they are posted live.

The business owner will also have the right to reply to the consumer in the event of a bad review. This gives restaurant owners the opportunity to address any issues the customer may have had, gain further valuable feedback, and potentially retain a customer.

Approved website reviews will be displayed on your restaurant’s profile, which can have a marked effect on your click-through and sales conversion rates. The more reviews you gain, the greater the benefit. This is why at ChefOnline we encourage all users to review the service they have received.