ChefOnline Customer Database

A good restaurateur knows their customers inside and out. They know their tastes and preferences, what works well and what does not, and can tailor their services accordingly.

ChefOnline customer database helps businesses to assess exactly what their customers want, providing valuable feedback for businesses. Maybe you have been experimenting with a new menu or

pushing a new sales promotion and want to know exactly what your patrons think; our customer database makes all this information accessible with just a few clicks.

Access to this information makes maintaining a close relationship with your customers easy, and enables you to build the kind of rapport that turns a moderately prosperous restaurant into a thriving success. Of course, your restaurant has its own identity, and this is what brings customers through the door in the first place. However, it is a restaurant’s ability to adapt to the needs of its customers and to play to its own strengths that keeps them coming back for more.

Online reviews play the largest part in driving a restaurant’s success. A business owner can blog about and promote their restaurant as much as they like, but testimonies from real, live customers carry far more weight. Surveys have shown that 60 per cent of consumers will check out online reviews before they visit a restaurant, making positive reviews a vital tool in drawing in new customers.

Quality is vital, but quantity is important too. The same study showed that restaurants with more online reviews receive a marked increase in visitor numbers. The word-of-mouth power of a good review cannot be underestimated, and ChefOnline customer database puts these reviews right in front of the consumer’s eyes. In turn, this helps to build the prestige of your brand, elevate you above the competition, and boost the turnover of your restaurant.