ChefOnline Reservation

Online ordering and e-commerce are not just the preserve of takeaways and restaurants with delivery services; they form a vital part of business for more traditional restaurants also. A study from 2014 showed that just under 50 per cent of restaurant consumers had made a reservation online at some time or another.

While the percentage of those making online reservations on a regular basis remains small, only around 9 per cent, this is still a hefty chunk of the marketplace that restaurant business owners cannot afford to miss out on.

ChefOnline website is an online platform that you can use to take orders and reservations from your customers. We understand that this is the future of business, and our aim is to put restaurants into contact with our growing community of website visitors, App users and customers, which will grow your customer base as well as your word of mouth prestige.

As well as our ChefOnline site, we also offer a free App, which customers can download to their Apple iOS or Android smartphone and tablet devices. This App puts your restaurant’s menu information, location, customer reviews and online reservation capabilities at the customer’s fingertips, while also providing business owners with valuable feedback about their services. This feedback can be the key that unlocks the potential of your business.

As the positive feedback and reviews accumulate, you can expect to see the numbers of reservations you receive online increasing. By analysing online traffic, we see that customers are far more likely to reserve a table at a restaurant with four reviews or more, than at an establishment with only one or two reviews.

Do not get left behind. Use ChefOnline online reservation system and let us help you to grow your restaurant business.