ChefOnline Driver Tracking-system

No one likes to have to wait for their food. That horrible time between placing your order and it being delivered to your door is when the saliva glands start working overtime and your belly starts making unattractive rumbling noises. Fortunately, ChefOnline tracking service can take the pain out of such an agonising wait.

An online tracking system like this one makes your customers feel valued and well looked after; making it even more likely that they will choose your establishment next time they feel a little peckish. Our online tracking service is accessible via a free App for both iPhone and Android devices,

and allows the customer to follow the restaurant order from when it leaves the kitchen right up to delivery.

For a customer, knowing that the order is on the way and will be with them soon is all part of an excellent consumer experience.

However, the tracking service is useful for business owners too. The information provided by ChefOnline tracking system allows restaurant owners to monitor the progress of their drivers and their orders, enabling businesses to identify areas in which orders are often late and work on providing a better service.

The information can also be used to provide valuable feedback for your restaurant’s delivery crew, making it easier to train and coach drivers on how to improve the overall service of the team. Remember that your customer will be reviewing all stages of the operation, from preparation to delivery and consumption, not just the taste of your food. Our online tracking service helps to ensure that the whole process runs smoothly.

Contact our support team today to find out which mobile App and delivery tracking package could best suit your business. The benefit to you and your customers could be huge.