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ChefOnline is an ever-growing community that brings restaurants and hungry consumers

Remember when customers used to have to call up a restaurant, place their order and then wait around for it to arrive? Well, times have changed. In 2014, it was estimated that 63 per cent of restaurant customers now use smartphone Apps to find places to eat near their home, while a whopping 83 per cent of consumers now look to their mobile device when searching for restaurants on the road.

In the age of smartphone and tablet devices, businesses must adapt or die. No longer does the average customer trawl through the takeaway leaflets and menus that fall through their front door, they simply pick up their phone or tablet, click on an App and browse away.

ChefOnline offers mobile Apps for both iPhone and Android devices, which work alongside our more traditional online services. These intuitive and customer-oriented Apps improve levels of consumer satisfaction and loyalty, advertise your offers and deals while also increasing sale conversion rates.

Customers using the iPhone or Android Apps will be able to browse deals and offers, place an order and then monitor its progress with our online order tracking service. If a customer can track the whole process – from oven to front door – they are more likely to return for a second helping.

Meanwhile, your delivery person can also use the App to check the location of the delivery and to update his or her progress. Finally, the restaurant owner can check the data to make sure the food is being delivered in a timely manner. With one simple App, all the bases are covered.

Statistics show that mobile and social media marketing strategies are two times more effective in attracting new customers than traditional methods. This is an area of business that you simply cannot afford to ignore.

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ChefOnline Android & iOS App Development
ChefOnline offers an online ordering system through mobile Apps for Apple IOS and Android devices. The ChefOnline App in particular allows customers to order food quickly and easily.
Just as the ChefOnline online ordering system allows customers to order food quickly and easily, our mobile apps reservations system allows customers to quickly and easily reserve restaurant tables. Instant notification will be sent via SMS or email when the customer’s table is ready.
Our online tracking service allows customers to track their order from the oven to their front door, eliminating some of the frustration that can arise with waiting. Restaurant owners are also able to monitor the progress of orders and their drivers, enabling them to identify areas where deliveries are taking longer than they should.
Following an online order, customers will receive an email requesting them to leave a review. Reviews are passed on to the restaurant owner for approval before posting. Owners are also able to contact customers to address any issues that have been mentioned as part of a review.