About Us

About Us

ChefOnline EPoS is a fully functional, integrated and easy-to-use Electronic Point of Sale system brought to you by ChefOnline, designed to ensure that you can meet all your business needs with the ultimate ease.

ChefOnline EPoS System operates in real-time, managing your online restaurant business from a single point of access. Our versatile and customizable technology brings to life your customer database, daily PoS operations, timely sales reports and so much more — all using our secure, live server. This allows you to complete any task with perfect efficiency.

The food industry is a high-growth and increasingly competitive sector, and the demand for better, faster and smarter PoS systems are growing by the hour. Our priority is to meet this demand by providing the highest quality service for large and small restaurants and takeaways across the United Kingdom.

Through the cutting-edge technology of the ChefOnline EPoS System, you can monitor, track, and integrate online portal sales, and ensure that your customers have a flawless user experience. Businesses can speed their one-time sales while gaining devoted customers. Whether you have a small family eatery or a towering 5-star restaurant, ChefOnline EPoS can add value to your business, making it all cost-effective and hassle-free.

Our system is fast, easy to use and superbly efficient, needing little to no training for your staff to begin operation. We integrate robust hardware and powerful software to create an experience like no other.

Sync instant operations (menus, customers, orders, reservations, etc.) online. Our EPoS system comes with in-built, high-performance processors that bind different areas of business and promote on-time deliveries, increased work efficiency, and coordination. As such, your table turnover rate increases at incredible speed, and you can draw in more and more and MORE customers than ever.

ChefOnline EPoS comes in different packages and modules so you can choose the one that suits you best. Then sit back and watch us work our magic!

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